Art in Motion - Tips

Trust the process, stay with the process, get out of the way. - Dick Price

A few tips

  • The ability to look (listen, etc) to other peoples' creative work, a LOT!
  • The ability to question what resonates for you in others' art
  • Set aside dedicated time and physical space to do your work.

To support the cultivation of these hallmarks and create the space to follow the tips, find practices that wake you up, inspire you, bring you into community and let you be your self in community

Creative Intelligence is deeply stimulated by constructive learning, a course in a modality…join a choir, learn a song on the guitar, go to life drawing classes, pottery classes etc etc Play!

Creativity is a force of our nature, as natural as breathing. We each possess a license to create that is irrevocable. It points us towards our essential nature which is vast, unique, and universal.  



  • Radical honesty 
  • Sharing our imperfections with vulnerability and grace 
  • Dedication to mining the mysterious heartaches and heart throbs that make us both human and divine 
  • Tolerating our own anxiety about doing it “wrong” 
  • Risking genius 
  • Finding the simple, vital and spontaneous 


Frequently Felt Resistance

  • I’m not an artist
  • I can’t draw, I can’t write, I can’t speak in public
  • I’m too shy to stand on a stage; everyone will see me
  • I don’t know how to act; it’s hard enough to just be myself
  • I usually just make a mess 
  • I’m not creative

Art In Motion cuts to the core of what it means to be human and truly alive. Art can touch us deeply and help us express the ineffable as we navigate this wide, wondrous, wild world.