Dance can awaken the potent energy of one’s libido in ways that can be electrifying and sometimes overwhelming and confusing. Open Floor Movement Practice provides the resources to allow us to tend to this lively, yet sometimes latent, energy of libido with curiosity and mindfulness. Libido workshops offer time and space to traverse the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual terrain of sexuality.

To recognize and affirm the presence of sexuality in all dimensions of embodiment is fundamental to the intentional exploration of libido on the Open Floor. In the Libido work, we bring not only emotional intelligence, but we also cultivate erotic intelligence. The development of our sexuality and its full expression comprises more than anatomy, behavior, or identity. Sexuality informs our relational Hungers, the dynamics of attraction and attachment, as well as our capacity to love life.

The innate movements of our bodies are animated by the instinctual energy of libido. The longings of our hearts are shaped by how passion moves. Our minds can be both stuck and liberated by the stories and patterns that either limit or release libido’s generative power. The soul longs to embody love in all its manifestations. Libido is a force that is at once undeniable and mysterious. When we are aware of its presence, we can feel it within every cell of our being and notice it everywhere.

From birth to death, we are sexual beings. From the first cells that evolve into being, to the deep surrender of a last exhale, a lifespan is infused with libido. When we’re plugged into its pulse, our libido can propel us into creative pursuits, a life’s work, and the web of connections and families that create and transform our communities. This life force imbues human life with meaning and connects us to our true nature as part of the world we inhabit.

The vital energy of libido can be present in moments of deep play, a tender touch, a provocative piece of art, a sexy song, a mature gaze, the soothing voice of a poet, the sacred
words of a mystic. We can notice it in sensual moments experienced in solitude and ecstatic moments of awe within nature. We can feel it in sensations of intense longing and intimate moments of healthy merger between lovers. We can witness it in the collective movements that bind people to causes larger than themselves.

When this energy is blocked, hidden, abused, exploited, or denied, the potential to do and experience harm to self and others is real and destructive. When this energy is acknowledged, supported, and expressed authentically, the potential for healing is immense and empowering.

When we turn towards a holistic and healthy understanding of sexuality, the possibilities to experience more pleasure, beauty, and joy multiply. The Libido programs are plentiful with invitations: to take healthy risks, to challenge assumptions and attitudes, to playfully and seriously explore the development of our sexuality, to give permission and take responsibility, and intentionally connect with the source of our desires so that we may experience greater fulfillment and satisfaction in our relationships of all kinds.

Libido programs are open to all adults regardless of gender identity, gender expression, biological sex, sexual orientation, or relationship status. We strive to co-create an environment that is inclusive, curious, expansive, and honors the experiences each person brings into the room.

Libido: Love of Life is a collaboration with the talented filmmaker and Libido On-going participant, Will Harris, Libido creator Andrea Juhan, and a large group of amazing generous dancers and teachers, who have all dedicated themselves to sharing the richness they have found in this work. It is a beautiful look at this unique synthesis of dance and transformative movement practice.

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