Therapy in Motion at Work

The aim of TIM training is to enable healthcare professionals to become aware of the undercurrent body matrix that underlay states and processes in the therapeutic environment and in the client’s life. We build the skill to create somatic exercises, experiments and interventions that will support the therapeutic process, given the different theoretical frameworks each therapist embraces.  Using mindful, embodied experiences, we help clients find and expand their own creative possibilities. Through the actual practice of moving and dancing, we resource the body-mind system, broadening resources and enhancing the capacity to make desired changes, leading towards healthy transformation.

On completion of TIM Training, therapists will be able to:

  • Help your clients to listen and track the sensations and impulses of their bodies.
  • Find the possible meanings and significance of non-verbal experience and communication.
  • Use the wisdom of their own physical experience in the therapeutic encounter.   
  • Track the cycles of activation and settling, pulsations, impulse, and other micro-movements that naturally occur in the client's body during therapy sessions.
  • Help clients move from talk therapy modalities into therapeutic movement explorations and expression.
  • Use specific tools to facilitate inner movements becoming conscious and integrated into full congruent expression.
  • Blend/integrate a body (‘bottom-up’) approach to therapy with a mind (‘top-down’) approach.
  • Improve competencies in healing attachment wounds, helping clients to resource themselves through embodied movement practices.

What is Therapy in Motion?
Therapy in Motion Training