What is Open Floor Encounter

Open Floor Encounter, created by Andrea Juhan, PhD., arises out of an ever-deepening practice of mindfulness and Embodied Movement. It is a practice that combines dance with elements of psychodrama, Gestalt and somatic psychotherapies and fosters the capacity to listen deeply to ourselves and to others. The Encounter process opens us to a profound opportunity to know ourselves and be known, to live a rich, three-dimensional life while feeling held and seen by others.

Through Encounter, openness and trust are supported within a contained, guided and defined structure. The form begins with a group of witnesses sitting together. An individual participant is invited to come onto the Open Floor and move.  In this facilitated process, different Self States are embodied, explored, communicated, and held by other participants. Using their well-practiced embodied skills of attuning and mirroring the Supporters hold that particular movement phrase, so that the Focus person is free to explore what is underneath beside or behind it. In this way each participant explores a sense of an ever-unfolding self, one that includes known aspects as well as shadow parts. 

The ability to witness each other as well as oneself, is an essential element and supports our capacity for greater insight and fluidity on and off the floor. Compassion arises in the wake of these revelations, awareness leads to new possibilities and choices, and opens the potential for healing and wholeness.

Different Encounter structures offered:

  1. Encounter Fundamentals – introduces the structure, elements and dynamics of Encounter work. Participants are taught the Embodied Movement practice of Universal Core movement prinicples
  2. Unfolding Encounters  – a series of  workshops  in a closed committed group.
  3. Undercurrents - a series of five 6 day modules over two  years in a closed committed group. 

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