Why take Open Floor Encounter

These are some of the deep learnings that come from taking OF Encounter Fundamentals,  an Encounter Series or Undercurrents:

  • Understanding of the deeper aspects of one’s own life and the unfinished gestalts one is bringing into any room when teaching.
  • Sensitivity to witnessing a moving body and a deepening ability to see patterns and underlying emotions.
  • Increased compassion for all human beings and the patterns, projections, pain and joy that we all carry and experience and therefore hopefully learning to project less on others.
  • Beginning to see how generational patterns move through families and identifying and becoming conscious of the patterns we carry and work with.
  • Understanding more completely how to physically and psychically support and stand behind and stand up for ourselves and others, especially those who may have very different experiences than our own or experiences in areas in which we may carry shame.
  • Knowledge of how and when we stop being able to witness, stop being mindful, stop being able to regulate our own central nervous system and learning ways to be able to do that.
  • Seeing the huge field of group consciousness that we all are a part of and seeing how each of us influences that field and hopefully taking more responsibility for the field we are helping to create.
  • Realizing, in our body and mind, how everything we do affects others and in some ways, how we all are moving on a giant, very sensitive and subtle, web of life!