Ground Floor Lab

An Exploration of Life Through Movement for Personal Healing, Professional Growth, and Community Building

This is the only Ground Floor Lab scheduled before the start of the Australasia Teacher Training, to be scheduled later in 2023.

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At A Glance

Foundational Program

30 Hours

Pre-requisite for TEACHER TRAINING

Take Your Movement Practice to the Next Level

A foundation in the most up to date approaches to embodiment and mindful movement, our Ground Floor Lab is an intensive, experiential, 30 hour introduction to the Open Floor curriculum. You’ll come away with an understanding of the core teachings and practical skills to use them in your movement practice, your everyday life, workplace and communities.

Our Ground Floor Labs attract people from a wide range of professional backgrounds interested in expanding their skills and knowledge of embodiment and mindful movement for both personal and professional reasons.

Open Floor Dance - Ground Floor Lab

Curriculum Highlights

Each movement session includes a look ‘behind the scenes’ from a professional perspective for an understanding of the intention, structure and purpose of each experience.

"The content taught was rich, varied and engaging. Very professional and at the same time authentic, vulnerable and real. I've been practicing inquiry movement in some different ways, but I've never experienced anything quite like this."

Essential Program Information

Tuition is $720 USD.

We recognize that currencies in Australasia are weaker against the USD. Early Bird Australasia Residents: $650 USD (pay by August 15, 2022)

Please check your local current rate with currency converter.

Your place on the Ground Floor Lab is not guaranteed until full payment has been made.

Open Floor teachers and working members discount: please email us directly for more information.

Refund Policy

Cancellation up to 30 days before the start date: full refund minus $100 administration fee. No refunds for cancellations less than 30 days before the start date.

OFI has two scholarship funds that support those who are in financial need and wish to study. To apply for either Fund, email [email protected] and ask for the application form link. 


A mudra is a position in which we place our bodies to cultivate a specific awareness. The spirit of the mudra of sobriety is “neither more nor less than necessary.”  We ask applicants to contemplate, in consideration of their own true needs, and all others who need help too. 


OFI provides scholarships to increase the diversity of OFI students and teachers. With this Scholarship, Open Floor International is taking a first step in reaching a goal of students and teachers being reflective of the world where Open Floor is practiced. The majority of OFI’s current teachers live in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Most are European or of European descent, speak English fluently, are 35 – 65, identify as women, and are able-bodied.  We are actively looking to expand our reach outside these populations with our scholarship fund. Priority is given to people who identify as Black, Indigenous, Person of Color (BIPOC), LBGQT+, gender fluid, differently abled, and/or live in less wealthy regions.

The first step is to register and pay.

After we receive your payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email and you will be asked to answer a few simple questions including a confirmation that you have met the prerequisites. Faculty reserves the right to refund your payment and cancel your registration if the training fills up, you have not met the prerequisites, or for other reasons. Please register early as the Labs have been filling up quickly!

Please note, while the Ground Floor Lab is a prerequisite for the Open Floor Teacher Training, attendance to the Ground Floor Lab does not mean acceptance to the Teacher Training.

To attend the Ground Floor Lab, you are required to have
  • 50 hours of instructed study in conscious dance (Open Floor, 5Rhythms, Soul Motion etc., and/or Embodiment Practices (yoga, tai chi, Alexander technique, Somatic, etc.)
* It is highly recommended that some of those hours are In Open Floor. Find an Open Floor Class/Workshop/Group here

USA Pacific Time Zone (PST)
3.00PM – 9.30PM

New Zealand Time Zone (NZST)
10.00AM- 4.30PM

Melbourne, Australia Time Zone (AEDT)
8.00AM – 2.30PM

Please note that we will have off-screen time during the day, so you won’t necessarily be at the screen the whole time. We understand zoom fatigue and want you to know we will be tracking this

Check your local time zone

All sessions will include time for movement and dance as well as an explanation of the the intention, structure and purpose of each experience.

Our movement sessions make creative use of all the Zoom functionalities available and are very interactive, including pairs and small group exercises.

You will also be given access to a variety of teaching materials on our dedicated learning platform for ease of learning.

There will also be many opportunities for connection with the faculty as well as other students. You will be part of the same “pod” (a small group of students) throughout the Lab, as well as having regular opportunities for sharing and exchanging in breakout rooms with other students.

The Faculty will be assisted by Open Floor teachers so there is always someone to reach out to for support.

The Lab will also have a Tech Host who will be on hand to make sure you are fully supported with any technical issues that may arise.

Your Ground Floor Lab will have its own private group on our dedicated learning platform. This is a great place to communicate with the other participants beforehand. You will be sent you an invite to join the group when you register

Bring the Benefits of Open Floor Movement Practice Into Your Life, Your Work, and Your Community.

Open Floor movement practice has the power to:

  • improve physical and emotional health
  • reduce isolation and loneliness by increasing a sense of belonging
  • build new, more resilient neural pathways in the face of perceived differences and conflict
  • slow cognitive decline
  • mitigate the deleterious effects of our increasingly sedentary lifestyles
  • reduce the effects of trauma

The time is now. Will you join the movement revolution?

“The skills you obtain with Open Floor are life skills. How to navigate when you are off center or unbalanced. How to resource the ground beneath us as a place of refuge. How to grow our capacity to be with what is uncomfortable in a new way, perhaps a kinder and more compassionate way. To be able to track our own window of tolerance and how to be of service to those around us.”
Michael Molin-Skelton
Movement Teacher, Pappa, Husband, Lover, Clown


Our Ground Floor Lab is the starting point for anyone who wants to teach Open Floor movement practice and professionals who want to bring embodimemt into their work and communities.

This training is particularly suited to:

  • Dedicated, long-term movers interested in knowing more about Open Floor movement practice and how it works
  • Coaches, trainers or teachers of an embodiment, movement or conscious dance practice looking for inspiration and new skills
  • Professionals in social care, health, mind-body therapies, education, and first response services, who want to integrate embodiment and mindful movement into their work
  • Mental health professionals who already work with an embodied approach, or want to do so
  • Anyone considering the Open Floor Teacher Training. This Lab is a pre-requisite for the Teacher Training.

Words From Our Students

Momentum and confidence

This GFL took place at a key moment for me, since I am in the process of changing professional activities. It gave me a lot of momentum, clarification and confidence.
Romain Bouillo

Amazing experience

What an experience to attend the GFL from the comfort of my home - this was the most creative and interactive zoom workshop I have ever attended. I danced my feet off, I came alive, connected with myself and others and gained resources for life that help me self-regulate. This is such an asset for the times we live in! I feel grateful for such an amazing experience!!

New dimensions to my dance practice

The Ground Floor Lab has added new dimensions to my dance practice. Open Floor is the first movement practice that has enabled me to bring my mind fully onto the dance floor whilst still allowing total freedom and surrender to my body and emotions

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