Human Adventure Cycle

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The Human Adventure - A journey into emotional intelligence

The experience of being human is both extraordinarily rich and difficult. We are gifted with the tools that allow for a full, generous, relational, conscious life … and are sometimes totally lost when faced with memories of our wounds, our struggle for survival, and the array of our defenses.

If right now, with, our eyes and senses wide open, we took a plunge into the experience of 6 billion human beings, we would experience all kinds of feelings, from utter ecstasy to terrible pain, from beautiful compassion to ugly hatred, from the most extraordinary generosity to the most despicable greed, from courage to cowardice, from shame to true self-love, from radiant joy to bottomless grief, and it would shake us to the core. Most of us would be unable to stay present with that much feeling, but we can learn to experience ourselves and the world more fully.

“On our journey into emotional intelligence” we will encounter our sensations, our emotions, our thoughts, our imagination, the source of life which runs through us. We are relational beings, whether we know it or not, want it or not, our emotions are linked to our sensations, our memories, our thoughts, and those of others, to life which blossoms, grows or dies around us. And sometimes, the source of our emotion remains as mysterious as the breath we inhale.

I don’t know if my soul will survive the death of my body or if it does, what form it will take. What I do know is that when I succeed in fully embracing my human experience, in relation to the rest of life, I enter a moment of eternity.

4 Modules and ten days together to learn how to:

  • follow the flow of my sensations, emotions, and thoughts into movement
  • distinguish the emotion that rises from the present from the one produced by thoughts
  • let art flow from the spring of emotional energy
  • see our experience in the light of our love, and give it a meaning
  • and, whatever it is, let it be.

This ongoing group is for you if:

  • you have already completed a workshop or 15 hours of Open Floor, 5 Rhythms® dance or Movement Medicine.
  • you want to engage a process of exploration. The ongoing group is a fabulous opportunity to dive deeply into our dance, our experience and our relational world. For this reason it is essential that each person commits to the 4 modules.