The Human Adventure - Emotional Fluidity

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How can I learn the language of my heart? So that emotions may be experienced and expressed, rather than  unconscious and repressed. This workshop will give you a good understanding of some essential movement skills, such as how to activate and settle, how to connect to the core and express to endpoints, how to follow the natural direction of emotions.
The experience of being human is both extraordinarily rich and difficult. We are gifted with the tools that allow for a full, generous, relational, conscious life … and are sometimes totally lost when faced with memories of our wounds, our struggle for survival, and the array of our defenses.
“On our journey into emotional intelligence” we will encounter our sensations, our emotions, our thoughts, our imagination, the source of life which runs through us. We are relational beings, whether we know it or not, want it or not, our emotions are linked to our sensations, our memories, our thoughts, and those of others, to life which blossoms, grows or dies around us. And sometimes, the source of our emotion remains as mysterious as the breath we inhale.