The Hungers

Workshop Description: 

Relationship is not something we do – it is something we are.

We are always in relationship whether sleeping, driving, hiking or working with another. The San People of the Kalahari knew that every human houses healthy hungers for relationship.

We’re designed for:

  •          Solitude, time for ourselves
  •          Intimacy and connection with others
  •          belonging to a family or community
  •          resting in something larger than ourselves; communion with spirit 

Our hungers change over the course of our life. We may feel satisfied with our solitude yet yearn for intimate partnership. Other times we have endless close connections with barely enough time alone. Each time we move, change jobs, step onto a new dance floor, we can question our sense of belonging. All the while, we remember, forget and remember again to rest in the lap of something much larger than ourselves; something that is basically good.

Each day long retreat will focus on a hunger. Through dance, sitting meditation, and the riches of this one-day community, we’ll mine the gold that only relationship can illuminate.