Imprints - Stories into Dance

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Taught in French and English

Ongoing group (4 modules, 9 days)

The dancing body tells its story. It appears in the gesture of a swirling hand, of a foot stamping the ground,  in a rounding back, the momentum of a heart.  And instantly fades back into mystery.  The dancing body embodies the paradox of the present moment : a mysterious, timeless, impersonal impulse moves through it, yet it takes shape in a body that is imprinted with stories. These imprints will be the thread we weave through the 4x4 all along these 4 modules.

They will tell us stories we inherited, stories we lived, stories we were told, family stories, fairy tales, myths, stories of a people, the ones we rejected, the ones we identify with. Dance gives us access to memories of the body, the heart, mind and soul, memories that are woven together.  

Module 1 : Acknowledge

In this module we will use the Movement Cycle to listen for imprints that are surfacing, enter a story through movement, explore its territory, and then let the experience settle and find its rightful place in us. The movement principles of shape, release, activate and settle will be our anchors.

Module 2 : Liberation

We have a fabulous capacity to tell ourselves stories, to make meaning of our experience, to connect it to something universal. Yet these stories sometimes take up so much space they prevent us from moving forward, being creative and happy. We will consecrate these two day to giving ourselves greater freedom, letting the dance nourish our consciousness, learning to move from fixed to fluid, from habit to creativity until we can dance our story anew, moment by moment.

Module 3 : Finding our compass

We sometimes think that as long as we are free we will be happy. But who never got lost in the vastness of the open field of freedom? What is the compass that guides us in uncharted territory? How do we maintain our intention? In this module, we will listen to our sensations, emotions, thoughts, imagination, soul impressions, our hunger for connection, solitude, belonging and spirit and follow the arc of our soul’s journey. We will gather the memories that enable us to move forward, to build, to write our true story. We will use the magic power that dance has to connect conscious and unconscious, to create space for our share of mystery and allow ourselves to be touched by grace.

Module 4 : My story begins now

Practicing together, starting anew, moment by moment, like a virgin birth that holds the richness of our path.  With each step onto the open floor, with each word written on a blank page, our whole being rejoicing in “my story begins now”, “your story begins now”, “our story begins now”.  We will open ourselves to what wants to move through us,  be it a simple physical impulse, an archetypal dance, the spirit of an animal, the move of an ancestor, the image of dream, the unspoken mystery.