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Prayer for Skateboard Girl

Reviewed By: Margaret Wagner

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Margaret Wagner

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We have invited Open Floor dancers to share their creativity with us as part of our focus on Creativity.

This is a poem written by Margaret Wagner. Margaret is an award-winning travel/memoir writer and poet who teaches Open Floor and 5Rhythms ® as well as Restorative and Yin Yoga. 

She says: ” I saw this skateboard girl on my way to teach an Open Floor class in Mill Valley, CA.  So, that image and ideas worked on me while dancing with my class of women of all ages.”

Prayer for Skateboard Girl

She was rolling on the sidewalk at dusk, facing my passing car,
knees tucked under her… an urban frog squat
as effortless as her inhale and exhale.

Chin resting on the long white arm wrapped around
a tan leather bag, held to her belly.
One bare, mild-fed shoulder slipped out of an oversized black cardigan.

Maroon lips, aubergine nail polish, metal circles dangling from ears.
Slicked, black hair cut by the electric blue Beat headphone band.
Pink high tops popping out of grey leggings.
Mona Lisa smile flying past cherry blossoms.

Bored, cocked in thought, or just plain sunset dreaming?
Is this moving being at the starting gate of her velocity…
or the peak of it?

Is she able to absorb sidewalk cracks
in equal measure as breathing the rushing Spring air
two feet from the ground?

Willing to bend without effort,
glide behind her own beat,
follow herself wherever her skateboard leads her?

To have a mind of her own and change it.
What trajectory will she follow?
Will she ever put away her skateboard?

by Margaret H. Wagner

Vimeo: Prayer for Skateboard Girl

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