Module Overview

First, we all have an inner teacher whose guidance is more reliable than anything we can get from a doctrine, ideology, collective belief system, institution, or leader.

Second, we all need other people to invite, amplify, and help us discern the inner teacher's voice

- Parker Palmer

The three Core Modules for each of the two tracks (Movement Teacher and Therapy in Motion) are designed to build upon each other. 

This outline is intended as a guideline -- we add or change things to serve the group in the moment.  

Module 1: Common Ground

Here you'll receive the basic skills needed to teach deep and engaging movement sessions.  This includes learning how to:

  • Use Core Movement Principles which are natural to all human beings and bodies, regardless of age, experience, culture, ability, or injury
  • Create teaching sessions using Open Floor movement anchors
  • Structuring a class:  from opening the floor to closing it
  • Build musical skills, both technical and energetic, to create evocative soundscapes
  • Mix and match movement exercises in the moment
  • Move and include all aspects of embodiment: the physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual experiences that arise on every dance floor whenever people move

Module 2: Common Sense (Movement Teacher Track)

Now we add more flesh to the bones and bring depth and complexity, with special focus on how to:

  • Grow your skills, as both teacher and student, in emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and spiritual awareness on the dance floor
  • Create movement scores that touch our essential human hungers for solitude, connection, belonging, and spirit
  • Combine Open Floor tools to create more elaborate movement sessions
  • Integrate imagination, imagery and metaphor 
  • Practice teaching with in-the-moment coaching

- or -

Therapy in Motion (Therapy in Motion Track)

For practicing therapists who have chosen this specialty track, the focus is to:

  • Bring the language of movement to your individual, one-on-one work with your clients
  • Take common themes that arise in psychotherapy (e.g., relationships, attachment, trauma, body image, sexuality, etc.) and explore them through movement, dance, sensate awareness, emotional embodiment and mindfulness. 

This module will focus only on individual therapeutic sessions. In Module 3 (Common Good) those in the Psychotherapist Track will have separate sessions to learn the elements of setting up small therapy groups using Open Floor work.

Module 3: Common Good

Here we take what we know, what we're still learning, and make it an offering for others.  This is about being skillful as we meet the world as a teacher, and includes:

  • How to include movement of the mind (thoughts, beliefs, imagination, etc) into your teaching
  • Movement as meditation
  • Movement as a gateway to soul and spirit
  • Knowing your teaching style:  how to make it your strength, how to stretch beyond it
  • Build quality relations with individual students, colleagues, and the community at large
  • Navigate the most common group dynamics a teacher encounters on the dance floor (resistance, power, sexuality, etc.)
  • One on one live coaching as you practice your teaching skills
  • Debrief your teaching experiences and get individual coaching re: difficult students and situations, creative challenges, etc.
  • Build "fluid authority" and presence as you hold an unpredictable and wildly moving field

In addition, each teacher in training is required to complete 6 additional days of Elective Study in Open Floor.  Other modalities for Elective Study can be discussed with your mentor, according to your skills and interests.  Please see Electives for more details.