OFI Teacher Training FAQs


What is the Open Floor Teacher Training about? What will I learn?

Look at Training Overview, Teacher TracksModule Overview


When does the next training begin?

See Training Dates


Is there a deadline for application?

There is no strict deadline, but we limit the number of participants in the training.  If you want to be sure to secure a place in the program and in the location of your choice, we suggest submitting your application as soon as possible. We review applications in the order received and expect there to be a waiting list.

If you have not taken all your pre-requisites yet, you can submit an application that includes the dates and locations of future programs you have already registered for.  If you haven’t taken a Ground Floor Lab yet, we may review and hold your application until you’ve completed it. 


What are the pre-requisites for OF teacher training?

1)  Attend a Ground Floor Lab. This gives you a chance to tour our curriculum, ask questions about the practice and the training, and meet some members of the faculty. You are welcome to apply if you haven't taken a lab yet, but you must be registered for one before we can review your application.

2)  At least 125 hours of Open Floor Movement study including:

  • One Ground Floor Lab (5-day Lab = 30 hours)
  • Strongly recommended: at least 25 hours Open Floor study with Kathy, or Lori, or Andrea.
  • Workshops and classes listed on our international calendar or any OF program led by a trained OF teacher.  All OF study counts towards these hours: weekly classes, workshops, ongoing groups.
  • One Libido Fundamentals weekend. Libido is not required to begin the training, but must be completed in order to graduate. 

- PLUS -

3) An additional 200 hours’ study in Open Floor or any other accepted embodiment modality (see list), for a total minimum of 325 hours of movement study

4) 30 hours mindfulness training and/or practice (see list)

5) 3 teacher references (at least two must be in the movement/embodiment arts)

6) Strongly recommended but not required: Study in emotional intelligence, authentic communication, conflict resolution, cultivation of compassion/forgiveness, etc. 

Additional prerequisite for Therapy in Motion applicants:

  • Graduate of a Masters level program with at least 3 years or 300 hours of supervision.


How do I calculate hours for classes, workshops, etc.?

  • Workshops and ongoing groups = 6 hours per day (this is the average learning hours per day minus lunch/breaks)
  • Classes = actual hours. These hours are for instructed classes only. Attending uninstructed, open dance sessions is wonderful practice, but does not count towards prerequisite study.


How do you choose applicants?

When your application is complete and we have the recommendations from your teachers, it's assigned to a member of the Application Review team. They might speak with other OF teachers who know you, or call you or your references for more information. Final decisions are made collectively by the circle.

We don't expect you to know how to teach movement or be accomplished in all areas -- that's why you're taking a training! We're looking for people who are mature in their relations, and have spent enough time exploring their own embodiment to have become a teaching, just as they are, on the dance floor.

You may have great passion for your practice but not enough experience to teach. You may have many years of dance floor experience yet not enough actual physical expression to instruct and inspire others. You might be accepted right away, or be asked to do some more focused work before enrolling in the training.  

In accepting applicants we also consider geography.  There are areas of the world where there are already more than a few Open Floor teachers, and many that have none. This means that in some cases, but not all, preference may go to more underserved areas.  We are also interested in training teachers who currently work with those that are less likely to join general public classes, e.g., elders, people of diverse ethnic or gender identities, children, those in recovery, etc.



What's the cost and payment schedule?

The cost for the 3 Core Modules (30 days of training), individual mentoring/coaching throughout your training period, and all manuals and materials is $7500.

All Elective Study is paid separately.

Once accepted into the training, we ask for a clear commitment to hold a place, as we anticipate a waiting list. Therefore, payments are not refundable.

  • $200 non-refundable application fee (applied to your tuition if you're accepted)
  • $2100 deposit, once accepted, to hold your place in 3 Core Modules
  • $3100 payment due 45 days before Module 1
  • $2100 balance due 6 months after you begin Module 1.

For each module there will be an additional cost for your room and board (accommodations). This price varies, depending on the location of the module and the type of room that you request.


Is there a discount for payment in full?

Yes, if paid in full 45 days before Module 1, there is a 5% discount ($7500 - $375 = $7125)


Are there scholarships available?

Yes, there are two possibilities for those in need:

1) OFI has a fund set aside to distribute a limited number of scholarships ($500-1000). Once all the applications are finalized, we have a lottery to choose who receives them.  Please let Leah know if you'd like to be considered.

2) There is also an independent non-profit that now wants to support the growth of Open Floor into underserved communities.

Private donors are seeking 2-3 teachers in training, who are long on passion but short on funds, who are interested in teaching this movement practice. We are offering partial scholarships - depending on need - to individuals who have a deep practice and are already embedded in and committed to a particular population of people that wouldn’t otherwise have access to the healing and transformative work of Open Floor, i.e. our youth; our aging population; those in the prison system; veterans; homeless; and the disadvantaged and underserved, in general.

Because we believe that to make real and lasting change we need the support of others, you will have the backing of a coach both during and after the training. The coach will be someone in your corner to help you stay inspired by your vision as you attempt to translate what you are learning and bring forth all of yourself to your community.

For more information about eligibility, etc., contact Melissa Herst at me@melissaherst.com. The deadline for applying for this scholarship is April 1, 2017.

This offering is completely independent of the OFI organization, so please refer all questions to Melissa rather than our office.


I’m ready to apply – how do I begin?

                  Write to Leah@openfloor.org and she will send you a link to the online application.