Training News

Since the birth of Open Floor International in 2014, we've grown faster than our wildest dreams. When we opened the door to train new teachers and somatic psychotherapists, 150 pioneering souls surged in. We now have training groups in the U.S., Europe, and New Zealand, with teachers both new and experienced learning Open Floor Movement Practice. Watch for them soon on a dance floor near you…

Our value is to stay nimble, alive, and fluid as we teach and learn in this vast field of embodiment. Our passion is to train excellent movement teachers who embody not just the dance, but the emotional and creative intelligence, mindfulness, and spiritual awareness it calls for. 

Having danced as fast as we can for these two years, we arrive at a natural pause to reflect: What is the optimum pace and content for training a new movement teacher? How long does it actually take to embody the essential skills? How can we tailor programs for seasoned professionals coming to us for embodiment training? What advanced trainings do we want to offer to support teachers' development?

While many of you are anxious to start training with Open Floor, we have decided to take the summer to do this creative work. Starting dates, locations, length and/or number of modules may change for the next round. If you would like to be notified when we begin accepting applications again, please email and she will put you on the notification list.