Libido: Desire and Ice

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Many of us have had the simple ecstatic experience of a surrendered dance between strangers; a deeply sensual, satisfying connection between two souls in motion and in the moment. In other words, we fall in love, in spirit, on the dance floor.

After these moments the mind can go wild as the yearning grows stronger. “Am I attracted to this person? How can I show it?  Does he/she want me? Do I want this at all? I mustn’t let it show. ” The dance itself was so simple yet we humans tend to make it complicated. These stories can become so preoccupying we can miss the dance altogether.

The terrain of any dance includes the peaks and valleys of our own longings.  And some of the deepest, most chaotic and complex longings live in our connections with others. Desire for connection is often the place of our greatest vulnerability.

The dance floor provides a rich field to explore all the games of approach and avoidance. This Libido weekend creates a sacred structure in which to open or close these doors with full consciousness. Our hearts’ compassion, as well as our community’s embrace grows stronger with this kind of focused practice. Take a risk and fall in.

“Desire, like the atom, is explosive with creative force”  ….Paul Vernon Buser