The Wild Hungers

Taught by: Nele Vandezande

February 16-18,2018

Friday: 7-9.30pm | Saturday 10am to 5pm | Sunday 10am-4pm


We are relational Human beings. From birth until now we are always in relation to others, ourselves, groups, nature, source….

In our lives we are hungry for those relationships, they feed us deeply, it is normal that we feel that “hunger”.

Open floor movement let us play and explore those relational aspects of our lives. Through movement and with the 4 four paths of embodiment: sensate awareness, emotional intelligence, mindfulness and Soul we investigate the landscapes of relationship with ourselves (Hunger for Solitude) and relationship with another (Hunger for Connection).

How do they live in my body, life? When and how do I freeze? Where do I feel movement and am I able to feed me? Where do I hold myself, on what level. We will explore this and find our way from fix to fluid through these wild landscapes of relationships. So we start to use this conscious on the dance floor and in our daily life.

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Body Language, Relationship

Experience Level

Experience Required
Prior experience of 20 hours in Open Floor or other Conscious Dance Practice required.



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Linda Kant

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