The Mask and The Body

Art in Motion

Taught by: Cathy Ryan

December 1-3, 2017

Friday 6-9:30pm | Saturday & Sunday 10am - 5pm


This Open Floor Art in Motion workshop will work with the mystery and magic of pure presence


 We will embody, play and move with some of the Core Movement Resources, the 4 Hungers and Dimensions of Embodiment…All to support us coming to a place of awake presence where some of the natural states of being human can move and be expressed

We will work with the Neutral Mask, a simple expressionless white mask that invites the mover to experience a state of pure and physical presence, calmness and openness to space…a state where we can access archetypal stories and truths,open into a web of connection and empathy with each other

We will see what happens as we play…what rises and falls, what listens, takes action, what rests and what opens

Humans being are welcome…

Fee: 230 Euros

Elective for Teacher Training?



Arts / Creativity, Body Language

Experience Level

Beginners and Advanced Dancers Welcome


Overheulestraat 237
8560 Moorsele

For more information contact:

Nele Vandezande

+32 51705570