In Good Company

On-Going Winter Group

Taught by: Sue Rickards

November 25-26, 2017

11am - 6pm


Three weekends:

25-26 November, 2017

13-14 January, 2018

3-4 March, 2018

Let’s spend the winter together, in each other’s company, for the fun and connection and aliveness of it. Don’t we all know that it’s challenging and delightful and healthy to hang loose together and see what we create? Our collective creativity, which none of us can do alone? Don’t we need each other?  Don’t we benefit from taking this leap, again and again?

What if we really are all connected? From the sweet butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-our-mouth-ness to the knifewielding desperado-ness of us all. The good the bad the ugly, all connected. The wonderful the terrible the terrorist the timid the taken, all connected. The human the inhuman the non human: the frogs the birds the trees the water, all connected.

Dancing and expanding our capacity to be relational; to ourselves, to one another, to the world – and to our souls (our personal mischievous Pan and winged messenger; our receiver and interpreter of the transpersonal; the brilliance beyond our brains).

Dropping into a congregation of dancers, not knowing where we will take each other. And listening, somehow, through our time bound mortal selves to something more timeless.

Fee:  £525 full price, £480 low income. Payments can be made in three instalments across the weekends. 

Early bird Price:  £450 by October 25, 2017

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Relationship, Soul

Experience Level

Beginners and Advanced Dancers Welcome


TBD London
United Kingdom

For more information contact:

Becca Parkinson or Rachel Smith