Awareness, Fluidity & Freedom

Movement Retreat

Taught by: Jonas Klingberg

March 17-24 2018

Start Sat 17th 20.00, ends Sat 24th 13.00


During this week together we will cultivate and explore awareness and fluidity in our body, breath, emotions and mind. Allowing the whole spectra of who we are to come alive and be engaged. Beyond definitions, identifications, labels and societies norms there is a fluid, vibrating, pulsating life force moving freely in all of us.

In letting go of the story of who we think we are or should be, we surrender into the present moment. From here our senses and body opens, our aliveness and engagement naturally activates and settles into and through each contact and expression.

Sometimes in our dance we investigate by our selves, with a partner, the group, with the great unkown and the elements and powers of nature.

Each moment, each dance, each relation is revealing and celebrating the many aspects of who we are.

Every day will include:
2 daily Open Floor movement sessions, free time, beach chill out, swimming, relaxation, fantastic nature and excursions and marvellous food at the unique and beautiful retreat center Finca Argayall on La Gomera.

DATES: 17-24 March 2018
COURSE PRICE: Early bird register & pay before Jan 8th, 3.750 SEK, full price 4.150 SEK.

ACCOMMODATION: Finca Argayall, from 58€/day including full board, 3 delicious vegetarian buffets every day.
TRAVEL: Fly to Tenerife South, book soon for good prices.

REGISTER: email Mona at to book your room and transfer 900 SEK to BG 804-5320 to book your place.

For payment from abroad:
IBAN: SE96 1200 0000 0123 5028 5197
Bank: Danske Bank Account holder: InMovement Stockholm AB


Warmly welcome!


Emotional Intelligence, Group Process

Experience Level

Beginners and Advanced Dancers Welcome


Finca Argayall
Valle Gran Rey
La Gomera

For more information contact:

Mona Edwertz