Meeting the Mystery

7 Days Dancing in Cambodia

Taught by: Jo Cobbett

November 15-21, 2017

Full Retreat begins at 12noon and ends at 12noon


Following fascination is the directive for this workshop, and sharing the space with enlivened curiosity is one of the primary principles that guides me to continue showing up for others.  How do you discover the deeper layers of the sacred? of consciousness? can you channel the questions into movement and find revelation? Will you be able to unravel personal mysteries  by merging inner inquiry in potent portals of a collective field?  Following the footsteps of thousands of pilgrims to this collaboration of artisans and natural forces, steeped in lost cycles of earlier times, what will you discover about your own inner mythos? This Open Floor experience will meet us as we land and open to our personal mysteries.

For the 22 years I've been offering held space in Los Angeles, it's been my delight to enter the mystery. I have been privileged to work with some exceptional movement pioneers and through them feel what works for me as a participant and over the years of my teaching, what guides to follow.  I love discovery wherever I find it; in the intimate listening through my embodied skin, or the marvels of exotic locations. My personality type thrives in wonder and appreciates the unknown.  In choosing to travel to Cambodia and Angkor Wat this year the invitation is to step in through the mystery. From the intimate space of the individual, and the generous collective field we'll be cultivating with our dances in the music supported room we're based in, to the compelling enigmas of ancient ruins where we'll engage with movement in the moment; listening through expanded senses to the whispers of the old language, this is an adventure.

Participants limited to 22, the space will be collectively  supported and will invite full presence.  

The Ta Prohm Hotel is a classic that is fortunately available to us. Breakfast is at the hotel, where we'll spend hours each day in collaboration: moving, writing, sharing, witnessing, creating and dreaming. Our rooms are in the same venue, and we'll have daily excursions to other area locations for meals and several trips to the Angkor Wat sanctuary, but this is not a tourist trip. My hope is that your felt senses guide you more than explanations.

Fee: $1095

Early payment:  $995 if paid in full by September 30th


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Group Process, Soul

Experience Level

Beginners and Advanced Dancers Welcome


Ta Prohm Hotel Siem Reap
Pokambor St, Mondul 1
Siem Reap

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Jo Cobbett