The Handless Maiden

From this day forward

Taught by: Jane Belshaw

January 27-28, 2018



How is your relationship with endurance?

As well as meaning "just having to get on with what life throws at us" the Handless Maiden story suggests that there is great strengthening to be had in descending, losing and then finding. We will explore what the story catalyses in each of us via dancing, drawing, writing and meditating.

This is the 4th weekend in a series. It is not necessary to have attended the others but if you have and pay by 1st December you are welcome to come for £115.

Fee:  £130 / 115

OF teacher trainees / teachers £106

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Arts / Creativity, Soul

Experience Level

Experience Required
Prior experience of 6 hours in Open Floor or other Conscious Dance Practice required.


Poplar Union
2 Cotall Street
E14 6TL London
United Kingdom

For more information contact:

Mike Marcus