De Cirkel van 3

Taught by: Sietske Venema

September 28, October 26, November 23



The 'Circle of 3' is ideal for exploring individual themes, problems, inspirations, dreams and intuitions through movement in a small group. It's a unique process to investigate and support feelings, experiences and facts of your life journey. There are three sessions over a period of about 8 to 12 weeks with 3 participants and me as a supervisor. The 'Circle of 3' is as follows: we dance together - each participant gets a defined individual session - we dance together.

A session within the 'Circle of 3' is thus structured in 3 phases:

  1. We bring our attention to the body by dancing.
  2. In the personal session you can enter a topic or theme that you want to investigate and deepen. Whether you dance and we work with what is happening in the movement. The other group members are witnesses.
  3. Integration takes place through: dance, reflection and closing.

What can you expect?

The method within the 'Circle of 3' is motion-oriented and wants to trigger an interaction between experience and movement, between experience and insight. A group of 3 offers a safe and fun place to dance and investigate your individual themes in relation to others. In personal dance we can recognize universal human themes. It connects you and other participants to each other.

In the guidance I offer my experience as a teacher, dancer and person. I aim to provide a safe space in which movements, dancing, emotions or whatever may occur.

It can help you understand your own themes and issues. And it will help you to creatively inspire your inspirations, dreams and intuitions for yourself and your environment.

Fee: 210 Euros


Elective for Teacher Training?



Body Language, Emotional Intelligence

Experience Level

Experience Required
Prior experience of 10 hours in Open Floor or other Conscious Dance Practice required.



For more information contact:

Sietske Venema

+31343 511 522