Dance of Self-Remembering

Open Floor Movement Workshop

Taught by: Madhuma Thompson

April 28/29

4-8pm Saturday, 11-5pm Sunday


When we step onto the dance floor of life we do not come empty handed. We bring our passions, our tensions, joys and aspirations.  We carry beliefs and suppositions - the old dreams of who and what we think we are.


Behind these dreams are our Transcendent Emotions. These are Emotions that expand within us to include more than our little Self. They allow us to feel meaning, and be truly glad to be part of this human race. Emotions like Humility, Courage, Hope, and Generosity.


In the Open Floor Movement Practice we cultivate these.


Transcendent Emotions overlap with what Socrates called the ‘Eternal Verities’. These can never, ever be taught - they can only be remembered. And they are within each of us.


In this workshop we step up to the threshold of our Transcendent Emotions. We dance, embody our positions, and step off. We allow our longing. We enquire with our bodies, hearts and minds. We go in, and through, and come out into the light of true remembering.


I will pair time-tested techniques with cutting edge practices of ‘Self Remembering’, aided by a vibrant musical soundscape and your own heartfelt enquiry.


This material is greatly enriched by GI Gurdjieff’s work with the enneagram of personality patterns, but no previous experience in dance or the enneagram is needed.


These hours count as prerequisite hours towards the Open Floor teaching training.



“everything that ever happens is just you remembering what you can become.” Adyashanti

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Emotional Intelligence, Soul

Experience Level

Beginners and Advanced Dancers Welcome


Glebe Town Hall
160 St John's Rd, Glebe
Sydney , NSW

For more information contact:

Tina Spiegel

0414 322 304

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