Taught by: Verena Holscher

February 18, 2018

10am - 5pm


Which inner and outer resources support me to be who I want to be today? Some resources may be available to me, others I am little aware of. Just as some parts of the body are familiar to me and I appreciate them and others less. Sometimes body parts speak to me - also through pain, blockade, illness or any other physical expression - which I can not understand well. What do these body parts have to say? How can I use my body as a teacher - maybe discover unloved parts in me as resources?

All our experiences are stored in the body. By consciously connecting to body parts and exploring them in motion and stillness and letting them complete their natural responses, we can release unconscious patterns.
With movement and awareness, play, research and exchange, we want to get closer to some of our power sources. 

Fee: € 95.

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Arts / Creativity, Body Language

Experience Level

Beginners and Advanced Dancers Welcome


Turnhalle der FWS Illerblick
Unterer Kuhberg
89077 Ulm

For more information contact:

Verena Holscher

0041 78 808 7221