The dancing Eros - living intensively, loving intensively

Open Floor and IBP Workshop

Taught by: Devi Rageth

friday at 05/11/2018 from 19.00-21.30, saturday 05/12/2018 from 10.30-17.30

19.00 pm


The dancing Eros

live intensively, love intensively

"The Eros is one of the fundamental sources of self-knowledge" (A.Nin)

In the mindful dedication to the dance, the movement and the encounter, we awaken the resources of joy, liveliness and authenticity and expand our ability to experience and love. We will face old inhibiting beliefs and seek to transform the blocked life force into the living pulsation of our natural, free organism. Welcome is your willingness for deep experiencing, your longing for the free expression and the courage to meet your own shadow. We dance meditatively and tenderly, sometimes excessively and in wildly unleashed expression. We dance in a quite self-encounter or facing others in compassion and resonance. Dancing unfolds our very primordial life force.

This workshop is open to anyone who wants to develop their own male / female power.

Date: 11.5.-12.5.2018

Time: Friday 19.00-21.30, Saturday 10.30-17.30

Place: IBP Institut, Mühlestrasse 10, 8400 Winterthur

Fee: 190.00 CHF (Freitag und Samstag), nur Freitagabend 35.00 CHF

Led by: Devi Rada Rageth

Registration:, +41 52 212 34 30

Informations: and

Devi Rada Rageth is Body Psychotherapist, IBP Couple Consultant  und Open Floor Therapist. Her passion is the dance and the encounter.




Group Process, Relationship

Experience Level

Beginners and Advanced Dancers Welcome


IBP Institut
Mühlestrasse 10
8400 Winterthur

For more information contact:

devi rada rageth

0041 793940822

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