Already Allright

5-day Residential

Taught by: Sue Rickards

August 5-10, 2018



I invite us all, oldtimers and new comers, sometimers and everytimers to come together with the assumption that we will find out together what happens. I will bring, of course, all the experience of my ripe old age, all the trainings and learnings, interest and enthusiasm. I’ll bring material to work with and explore. We’ll dance. And dance and dance and rest and play.

And rather than try to fix anything or improve ourselves, let’s assume that whatever state we are in, we are already alright. That’s a big assumption, but simple and somewhat radical. And it can change everything. We see our situation, our selves, each other from a different perspective.

So that feeling broken or scared or excited or lost or wild or hopelessly happy is all already alright, it’s part of everything. Feeling worthless and worthy and willing or unwilling – anything really – can be welcomed, danced, explored and investigated without worrying about the outcome.

Then healing might happen but maybe not the healing we have on our lists, perhaps whatever’s ready to heal. And we might grow, with whatever is already ready to flourish. And even, maybe, what needs shaking will get it’s shake. Shall we not bother trying to know in advance? I know that takes a bit of courage, but it is already what’s happening and has been for years.

We show up, congregate, dance and explore. Not exploring with an aim to, for instance, increase our power or improve our communication or find our inner child, mend our broken heart. That’s like exploring along a particular path. Let’s unfold the whole map. Lets show up with ourselves just as we are, from moment to moment, dance to dance and see what’s already ready to change of it’s own accord and what to appreciate and value about ourselves and each other, just as we are.

Trusting our dance, trusting ourselves and each other, best we can, even when that’s not very much.

Newcomers very very welcome. Oldtimers – also!

First day will begin at 7pm

Last day will end after lunch at 2pm

Fee:  660 Euors

627 Euros if paid in full by May 4th

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Emotional Intelligence, Relationship

Experience Level

Beginners and Advanced Dancers Welcome


La ferme du Bois-le-Comte
Bois-le Comte 1
6823 Orval

For more information contact:

Luc De Cuyper

0032 61 32 99 20