The Luminescent Body: Gestalt Practice on the Open Floor

Taught by: Zuza Engler

May 18-20, 2018

Fri: 8pm-9:30pm. Sat: 9:30am-1pm and 4-6:30pm. Sun: 10am-12noon


Join us on a leading-edge path that integrates Open Floor movement explorations, body-based inquiries of Gestalt Practice, and stillness into a transformative process that touches body, heart, and spirit. Inspired by a wide range of music and the great sound of silence, supported by the elemental presence of nature, let's travel together across the landscapes of relating — to self, other, the world, and the great Mystery that we also are. Open to every body willing to move, pause, listen, and relax, relax, timeless movement moment at a time.

10 hours CE credit for MFT & LCSW

Elective for Teacher Training?



Emotional Intelligence, Soul

Experience Level

Beginners and Advanced Dancers Welcome


Esalen Institute
55000 Highway 1
93920 Big Sur , CA
United States

For more information contact:

Zuza Engler and Scott Engler