Exploring The Art of Relating

Taught by: Jonas Klingberg

May 11-13, 2018

Fri 18.30-21.00, Sat 11-18, Sun 11-17


Attending an Open Floor dance workshop is a self explorative journey into your own body of being. Yet the dance floor is full of other dancers that we in some way or another are in relationship and communication with, or not.

During this weekend we explore the field of how we show up, engage and make contact with ourselves and each other in a true, tender and total way. Areas that we will investigate and bring attention and awareness to through movement enquiry are:

How do you create a sense of courage and trust to reach out?

How can you relax into to the flow of relating to yourself, another and the tribe, maintaining your center, ground, and creativity?

How do you express, embody and move with your own boundaries in relationship to others?

What kind of habits, strategies and safety zones do you have in relating?

How do you give yourself and others permission to be and move where they are?

On Friday, we invite to an Open Evening



Emotional Intelligence, Relationship

Experience Level

Beginners and Advanced Dancers Welcome


BAKARA, ul. Różana 4-6 Wroclaw

For more information contact:

Ewa Patkowska

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