Open Floor Online Programs

Join The Open Floor International teaching body for these online courses in a variety of topics with a focus on embodiment and the moving body

The Physical Embodiment Series

Open Floor is a resource-oriented movement practice. Resourcing ourselves is an ongoing process we can use to build resilience and capacity. We have highlighted 10 Movement Resources  as essential movement and life skills.

The Window of Presence Series

This online course series is ideal for experienced therapists and health professionals who want to integrate embodied movement into their therapeutic practice.

Book Club Seminars

These online seminars explore the best books included in the Open Floor Advanced Training reading list.We will focus on the themes and ideas that are particularly relevant to mindful movement and dance teachers.

The Music Skills Series

Our Music Skills Series of online courses will give you all the tools and know-how you need to feel confident with music and your tech skills in this area.

Bring the Benefits of Open Floor Movement Practice Into Your Life, Your Work, and Your Community.

Open Floor movement practice has the power to:

  • improve physical and emotional health
  • reduce isolation and loneliness by increasing a sense of belonging
  • build new, more resilient neural pathways in the face of perceived differences and conflict
  • slow cognitive decline
  • mitigate the deleterious effects of our increasingly sedentary lifestyles
  • reduce the effects of trauma

The time is now. Will you join the movement revolution?

“The skills you obtain with Open Floor are life skills. How to navigate when you are off center or unbalanced. How to resource the ground beneath us as a place of refuge. How to grow our capacity to be with what is uncomfortable in a new way, perhaps a kinder and more compassionate way. To be able to track our own window of tolerance and how to be of service to those around us.”
Michael Molin-Skelton
Movement Teacher, Pappa, Husband, Lover, Clown

Join the Movement

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