South America

The Floor is Open in South America!

Marisu Rimoldi, a recent graduate of the Open Floor Teacher Training program, just held workshops in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Marisu shares:

"I love using the Core Movement Resources! The workshop was called Recycling. We used our back... learning where we come from, the support, the learning and relating that to what has happened to us in 2016. Then, we explored the front of our body... focusing on how we want to appear, connecting with our vitality and relating that to 2017.

In the afternoon, we worked with our center. My friend Arturo Blas brought center alive for us with his music and drums!

At the end, one of our dancers shared that it was the first time in her life that she felt happiness in her body, and how this transformation happened through the dance. She arrived with an intense feeling of weight, and she was surprised how her body guided her to open to a new space, and find a joy she was missing for a long time. This is why we share Open Floor Movement Practice throughout the world!"