Art in Motion

A Focused Open Floor Program to Build Creative Intelligence Through Dance, Writing, Theatre and Visual Arts.

Creativity is a force of our nature, as natural as breathing. We each possess a license to create that is irrevocable. It points us towards our essential nature, which is vast, unique, and universal.

This shared space held the invitation toward respect and grace. But it also enabled the group work of “where do I fit in...exist...make my mark” and “what is the whole of which I am a part?” I appreciated that raw triggering and the insight it provided to the dance of life. So grateful."

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Illuminate the Artist Within

Whenever we dance, we build the muscles of creative intelligence. Just like emotional intelligence, fostering creativity offers profound skills for navigating our day-to-day relational world. It inevitably leads towards intimacy, raw aliveness, authenticity, vulnerability, presence and sudden attacks of transcendence.

Each Art In Motion program is a treasure trove of techniques, tools and insights that develop creative intelligence. We lean into the creative process, not just creating works of art.

Not Only for Artists

Art In Motion is for everyone who can move. No artistic or creative ability or experience is necessary.

Art in Motion programs are for those who:

  • Are looking for the unanswered questions and want to head towards unknown destinations with curiosity.
  • Want to learn to tolerate chaos, discomfort and confusion, trusting that new possibilities will appear.
  • Are interested in navigating between the Creator and the Critic within ourselves, with respect and compassion for both.
  • Want to strengthen the ability to show their work, whether rough or polished, as well as staying with the work that might remain unfinished and no other eyes may ever see.

What to Expect

Art in Motion is a focused Open Floor program and a collection of classes, workshops and on-going groups that blend our movement resources with writing, theatre, and visual art-making.

  • Guided dance with immersion into other artistic modalities, such as visual arts, theatre, and writing. Sometimes all modalities are in the mix.
  • Laugh at mistakes and get messy – at least sometimes.
  • Sift through the debris of inevitable failures to search for nuggets of gold.
  • Zoom in and out, from the tiniest detail to the most vast.
  • Daydream on purpose. Shift between effort and surrender.
  • Develop the ability to know that everything is a remix and everyone is unique. To be able to know and name your sources and influences. Imitation, as well as bursts of imagination, are hallmarks of discovering our true originality.

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