Our Mission

Open Floor International inspires people to move.

We teach dance and mindful movement for personal healing, professional growth, and community building. In a challenging world, Open Floor supports resilience, compassion, and joyous connection with others.

Open Floor Has Initiated a Global Conversation Around Universal Healing

Our world is in a state of disconnect. Privilege, inequality, and growing polarization around fundamental values are splitting our societies and favoring division over inclusion. We offer a movement practice that strengthens community, honors inclusion, and builds shared values.

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Experience Our Vision

A world where conscious movement and dance ignites  community, creativity, social justice, health and well-being.

Training The Next Generation To Lead Through Movement

Our training programs and educational resources empower people from a wide variety of professions to integrate embodiment, mindful movement and dance across disciplines, including health care, education, and the arts.

With over 250 next-generation movement leaders (and growing) from over 30 countries, Open Floor graduates are creating community, inspiring change, and making a difference in the well-being of others around the world.

Words From Our Teachers

"Enhances Collaboration"

I was a marketing director in large organizations for 15 years. I can directly relate to the challenging nature of these settings. Mindful movement is a creative and highly engaging way to enhance collaboration, unlock group creativity and support workspace wellbeing.

"Develop New Choices"

The Open Floor training program has given me the tools to fully integrate embodied movement in my work with individual clients and groups. It offers people resources to tap directly into specific patterns through the body and use these insights to develop new choices and possibilities.

 A culture of inclusion, equality, and radical responsibility

Open Floor is open source

We are dedicated to making our education as accessible as possible. Our free and open source curriculum supports lifelong learning and allows diverse groups to benefit from the proven power of embodied movement practices. Our curriculum is registered on the Creative Commons which both protects the integrity of the work while making it universally available for creative remixing.
One of the major factors in successfully offering our education programs globally is how Open Floor International has chosen to operate as an organization. In a world where the bottom line is often the only concern, Open Floor has rejected traditional top down hierarchical business models in favor of Dynamic Governance, a non-authoritarian, collaborative model that reflects the same values of inclusion, equality and radical responsibility we teach in our practice.

Reaching Underserved and Diverse Populations

‘As a  peace worker, peace researcher and peace educator I am committed to offering Open Floor movement practice as a powerful resource for peace.’

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