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Administrative Services, Independent Contractor

Open Floor International (OFI) is looking for a contractor to provide administrative services to our remote, internationally based team.

Open Floor International

OFI is a nonprofit organization founded in 2013 to teach dance and mindful movement for personal healing, professional growth, and community building. Over the past seven years, we have trained 250 teachers worldwide. We use Sociocracy (also known as Dynamic Governance) to guide the work of about 40 volunteers, one employee and 3 contractors. As we prepare to launch our newly revised training curriculum in the fourth quarter of 2021, we need additional administrative support.


Skills needed

  • Strong experience with Microsoft 365, Outlook, SharePoint, Mailchimp and Zoom
  • A fondness for information technologies and supporting others in using them.
  • Very detailed oriented, with excellent follow through and responsiveness.
  • Strong time management and prioritization skills.
  • Knowledge of or interest in Sociocracy and/or collaborative decision-making processes.
  • Fluent in the English language, with the ability to work easily across cultures and time zones. French or Spanish language ability is helpful.
  • Experience in dance, yoga, mindfulness, mediation, education, training and/or non-profit organizations preferred.
  • We are committed to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. People of all ethnicities, races, backgrounds, gender identities, and sexual orientations are encouraged to apply.
  • Computer, reliable internet, and recent or current experience working online as an independent contractor is required.
  • Prior work experience with volunteers is preferred.

The Administrative Services Contractor will report to the Executive Director and partner with the Operational Leads of three Circles (or departments).


10 – 12 hours a week, $25 USD per hour, up to $1,200 a month. Will consider hourly or retainer agreement. The position is funded through December 31, 2021.

Administrative Services Contractor Responsibilities

Sociocracy Secretarial Duties for 3 Circles

Circles have varied meeting schedules. On average Circles have 4 –6 members and meet once a month. Most members are volunteers. Secretaries follow the Sociocracy guidelines, summarized here:

  • Collect agenda items, including reviewing previous meeting records and the Master Decision Log to determine what decisions need review.
  • Work with the facilitator and operational leader to build the agenda.
  • Take minutes during the meeting and create a new agenda for the next meeting, based on Sociocracy guidelines.
  • Research prior decisions and topics for Circle members.
  • Schedule meetings in Outlook, book the Zoom room and invite the circle members and guests.
  • Send out meeting notices, with a link to the agenda and any related documents to all circle members and guests.
  • Post the consented decisions on the Circle’s Yammer.
  • Add consented decisions to the Master Decision Log
  • Yammer any decisions that impact everyone to all company members.


Operational Support for 3 Circles

These tasks support the Circles generally, not tied to the Circle meetings.

  • Work with the Operational Leaders to recruit new Members.
  • Provide orientation to the OFI Member Handbook, SharePoint files, Sociocracy, and help set up email and calendars to sync with their own.
  • Make sure the Circle’s SharePoint files are named and filed correctly and are easily accessible.
  • Manage Circle’s document updates and layout in Word for external presentation.
  • Monitor filesharing outside of OFI.
  • Support Circle members in their use of Office 365, Outlook, SharePoint and Zoom.
  • Keep up to date on IT updates and changes and communicate those charges to the Circle.
  • Keep up to date on Sociocracy training opportunities and materials and share access to that information as needed. Track the Circle members’ Sociocracy training process.
  • Post on Yammer to keep the Circle connected. Connect key files to Yammer for easy access.



General Data Management – for all Circles

These tasks are more general, supporting the organization as a whole.

  • Track 40 + Circle memberships and roles and update in Outlook 365 Groups, Yammer, and an Excel spreadsheet. Respond to requests for reports and information.
  • Support MailChimp data management, providing backend support to the Marketing Lead, Executive Director and the Director of Operations as needed.
  • From time to time, work on tracking additional information, as needed and time and budget allow.

To apply

For consideration, please send a cover letter/email of why you would be a good fit for this position, a resume or detailed client list, and a link to your website or LinkedIn page. Send to OFI Executive Director, Virginia Wright at [email protected]

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