Educational Programs Sub Circles


Supporting advanced learning and ensuring continuity, the Mentor Circle is the hub that brings together Mentors and oversees all aspects of the Mentorship program.

Art in Motion

Opening creative intelligence! The Art in Motion Circle ensures that all aspects of the creative process are represented in AIM workshops and webinars, from integrating movement with explorations of ego, to balancing engagement with both process and product.

Therapy in Motion

Therapy in motion explores the fertile ground of movement practice for the psyche. The Therapy in Motion Circle oversees teacher training, builds community for practitioners, and develops the Therapy in Motion curriculum.

Embodied Sexuality

The Embodied Sexuality circle oversees the clear holding of movement spaces that facilitate the exploration, creativity and embodiment of our libido. In order to explore this beautiful, fundamental energy that is every person’s natural birth right to enjoy, we stay as current as possible with the latest research around sexuality, including how sexuality intersects with gender and social justice.

Training Design

Training the trainers! It’s an important part of what we do in Open Floor International, so it’s gotta be great. The Training Design Circle upholds the quality of our globally coordinated training programs.

Finance Sub Circle


Responsible for the Sponsor Program, this sub circle also assists with research, grant writing and development – the all important fundraising activities that support Open Floor International to keep making a difference across the world.

People & Culture Sub Circle

Internal Communications

Keeps all our Working Members up to date and connected Sawdust, Glitter & Glue – our Working Members quarterly newsletter, a thread in the giant web that connects us together.

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