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I am a queer afropean movement facilitator living in Alentejo, Portugal.

I weave explorative spaces with the teachings of nature beings, silence and Spirit. I am a devotee of Love, wilderness, deep listening and raw untamed expression. My main heart roots drink from Butoh and animism, Authentic Movement, Contact Improvisation, contemplative practices and core shamanism.

My sessions are dedicated to community care and well-being, and to individual growth into acceptance. How to cultivate presence, connection and acceptance? How to dance with paradoxes and polarities, dive in the luminous cracks of our fertile darkness, and build bridges and rainbows between our parts, and between us. Building community within ourselves and among each others…

I hold space for bi-Monthly Open Floor session, grief rituals, blindfolded journeys, authentic movement, exploration in nature, and silent contact jams.

I am available one-to-one session within a therapeutical frame (combined or not with shamanic work and/or bodywork) online and in-person.

I am also a shiatsuki-photographer-poet and a parent.