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Movement, music and dancing have always been good medicine for me. Whatever is happening in my life I always feel better, clearer and more in tune with myself after moving freely with music, or in silence or outdoors in nature.I am passionate about supporting people to connect with their innate wisdom and essential self through reclaiming connection with the body. My understanding is that listening to and following the movement of the life force through us can awaken our gifts and liberate us from unhelpful experiences, cultural conditioning and ways of being that have bound us. It was the discovery of dance as a healing meditation practice that opened doorways in my heart, mind and soul that I had not been able to consider previously, and it was a huge relief to find a practice where all of who I am is welcome and where the movement that comes through me is recognised as the teacher, healer and guide to my authentic self.Now I facilitate movement classes, embodiment dance workshops and healing retreats that offer practical resources for daily living in a fast changing and often chaotic world. My teaching draws from the understanding that as human beings we are part of the living earth and by attuning to its natural cycles and rhythms we can align with our own, and with the cosmic intelligence that creates and supports all of life.My main focus is on cultivating a sense of curiosity and kindness towards ourselves as we travel into the territory of the body/mind in a supportive environment. Movement and dance meditation has the potential to bring us into such joy, to feel our way through suffering and disappointment into a reality that can open to the full human experience, with all its dualities and paradoxes. It teaches us to embrace the beauty and the darkness of humanity within ourselves in a nonjudgmental way, so that we can embody freedom and maintain the courage to be present in this world.My body of work ‘The Moving Body’ has arisen from 19 years of study and training in embodiment, mindful movement and ecstatic dance practices. Working as an accredited counsellor, movement therapist and Open Floor teacher I draw on my early training in body work and energy healing to support us to embody our physical reality along with those of our heart, mind and soul.