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Introducing people to the freedom that arises from being comfortable in your own skin and moving confidently on a dance floor and through the world is one of my greatest joys. Dance is a portal to transformation; a path to greater awareness, healing and more authentic, satisfying and loving relationships. After discovering conscious dance in 2006 and a decade of twice weekly practice and dozens of workshop intensives, I entered the first cohort of Open Floor teacher training.I’m passionate about supporting people on their journey to optimal health and development of their fullest potential. For nearly 15 years, I’ve operated Converge Consulting Research and Training to support the creation of healthier communities and a more just world. On the dance floor, I offer a professional facilitator’s knack for establishing a relaxed, non-judgmental atmosphere, encouraging participants to look within, be curious, and try something new. Through Open Floor Movement Practice, we develop skills to navigate life’s ups and downs, shift long-held patterns of relating, and cultivate vitality. For those who want to strengthen their team or organization, I offer Open Floor exercises to tap into whole body intelligence and to bring this increased awareness to group interactions, deliberations and decision making.As a lifelong learner, my professional background and wide-ranging studies include organizational and leadership development, group facilitation, coaching, communication, conflict resolution, sexuality education, spirituality and singing. I earned a Master of Science in Community Development from the University of California, Davis and a Bachelor of Arts Psychology degree from the State University of New York, Plattsburgh. I am a volunteer Working Member at Open Floor International, serving as the Operations Lead for the Membership Circle. In my free time, you can find me snorkeling on Maui’s west side.