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Dancing, improvising, singing, playing on stage or on the street, have been a part of my life for twenty years. I have always enjoyed exploring movement, its languages, its poetry, with or without an artistic dimension.In my early days, I trained in Paris at the Acting International studio on a three-year cycle and then, over time, with Jack Waltzer of Actor’s Studio and Roy Hart – Pantheatre.Artist-performer, I evolve towards artistic explorations often hybrid (choreographic and musical theatre), sometimes improvised, and sings live with different groups.At the same time, I obtained a Didactic Master of Foreign Languages which also allows me to teach French and to lead theatre and voice workshops with different audiences (schoolchildren, migrants, trainees in continuing education, etc.).In 2015, it was by rediscovering free dance in conscience with La Danse des 5 Rythmes and then the Open Floor, especially with Lucie Nérot’s internships, that I wanted to deepen this adventure and share it with you today.