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About Jenny:  I’m a lifelong learner.  I used to think that I studied, to know.  To be on a path of mastery.  As I grow and tend and just live, I find I am more interested in apprenticing to the Mystery.  I ask more questions.  Turn towards curiosity. Tune into a felt sense of love each day.  I absolutely do this with the roots and foundation in all I have studied, learned, & care about.   Here are pieces of the puzzle that someone might turn to define me. My hope is that there nothing finite here but pieces of ground, center and heart from which I move.

What I have studied/certifications:

  • Certified Open Floor Teacher
  • Master’s in Leadership Education
  • Certified Massage Therapist
  • Certified 5rhythms®Teacher
  • Creative Movement For Children
  • SoulCraft/Wild Mind with Animas Institute
  • Authentic Movement
  • Continuum
  • Meditation
  • Core Shamanism
Here are mentors/teachers for whom I am eternally grateful:

Jillian Froebe, Kathy Altman, Andrea Juhan, Lori Saltzman, Bill Plotkin, Palika Rewilding, Gabrielle Roth, Pema Chodrin, Susan Harper, Leslie Conton

Jenny is founder of Presence Studio in Bellingham Wa. She is a working member of Open Floor and geeks out on a regular basis with the Curriculum Circle.