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Based in Los Angeles & teaching since 1995, Jo has traveled globally introducing and sponsoring empowering exploration to communities that now thrive with local teachers, regular classes and abundant offerings.Witnessing the benefits of the resources of this practice, Jo has worked with people in diverse situations; from refugees in Greece to survivors of human trafficking in India with her friend Laura Price’s organization Blossomy And in Prison with Sukha Gildart.Her retreats and workshops have been held all around the world; from Australia to South Africa, India and Indonesia Croatia to Cambodia; New Zealand to Nepal, Mexico to Minnesota, and she’s open to invitations.
  • 5Rhythms® Waves & Heartbeat teacher
  • Open Floor Teacher
  • Turning The Wheel
  • Continuum Montage Em’Oceans & Sensations
  • First Soul Motion training
  • Award Winning Visual Artist
  • Taught Fashion Illustration in Dyfed College of Art GB
  • Mother and grandmother
  • Creative writing and spoken word presentation
  • Improv and movement expression Moving Theater with Camille Maurine, Motion Theater with Nina Wise
As a visual artist I capture light and energy, creating windows of feeling. Through dancing I attain a sustained state of joy; by engaging my entire being through fluid states of expression. Now my canvas is a room; my palette a diverse and constantly changing array of music and movers; unique in every moment. Each dance is filled with wonder, and it’s released as the room empties… only glimmers remain, and yet lives are changed. It is continually humbling to hold the space, and provide an opportunity for transformation.