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Passionate, happy, enthusiastic and enterprising, born in Malaga in 1978, in love with the sea and the mountains that surround my city.I trained in Chile as an Ontological Coach at the prestigious Newfield Network International School with the «ACP, The Art of Professional Coaching» program . Later I did the “Body and Movement” program  in the mountains of Colorado, Newfield USA.I am one of the first three Spanish Open Floor teachers (Dance and conscious movement).Since 2009, I have been accompanying people who want and need to transform aspects of themselves to live a fuller, more authentic, conscious life, full of possibilities and connected to their potential.I collaborate as a supervising coach with CIVSEM (Values ​​Research Center) in its Social Coaching program and in the DPOP.My experience as an adult and pediatric intensive care nurse for more than 15 years has helped me to be in contact with the vulnerability of the human being, witnessing many processes both in patients and in relatives. The ICU has been a place where I have cultivated compassion and being at the service of others.I love to dance and tour countries with different cultures. Feeling the freedom that I experience running has driven me to be an international marathon runner.