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My name is Marissa Renee Duarte. I’m a proud Latina woman, Mother, Sister, Friend and Community member of my hometown, Tucson, AZ.

I enjoy bringing people together and watching new relationships blossom. I’m a certified Syzygy Outreach Facilitator, and board member of Tucson’s Dance Move Connect.

When holding space on a dance floor, it’s important to me that I show up fully myself with an invitation for other humans to do the same. It’s a passion of mine to diversify the dance floor, welcoming all humans and witnessing the goodness that can unfold when we’re in the community.

Much of what inspires me comes from the vast desert that I live in, slow cycles, the landscape, the people who I share this land with and those who inhabited this land long before we were here. This is what inspires my music and instruction.

I’m honored to be here and look forward to sharing a dance with you.