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For me, dancing means living, touching, experiencing, feeling and playing everything. Dance carries me, is a huge support, always brings me something new, moves me, makes me feel part of life and connects me with my zest for life and strength.I believe that what originally and uniquely moves in each of us is always part of you. For me, dance is the most accessible way to invite and encourage this.What I bring together in my life and work is the wisdom of the body in motion and the richness of body-oriented psychotherapy. The basis in everything I offer is my own experience in dance and life.In the past 20 years I have trained in many forms of dance and therapy in addition to teaching in the 5Rhythms®.* The basic training (1997) of the 5Rhythms® was deepened with the Heartbeat training in 2004 (working with emotions).* I graduated in Open Floor Movement and Open Floor Encounter* In addition, I trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy (based on Gestalt Therapy) 1986-1990.* Somatic Experience, Sensory Motor Psychotherapy (innovative, body-oriented psychotherapies for trauma relief) and Psycho-Drama