All My Relations

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Life itself is nothing but relationship. - Adyashanti

Relationships are easy, except for the people part. - Lori Saltzman

Whether you call yourself a loner or a lover, a joiner or a rebel, there’s just no getting around it:  we are hard wired to be moving, relational animals with healthy human hungers: for solitude, intimate connection, and belonging to something larger than ourselves. Our needs ebb and flow at different times in our lives.  When we’re out of balance with a particular hunger, either yearning or too full, we suffer. We may have an abundance of good friends and struggle to find a partner.  We may be surrounded by family and miss the sweet territory of our own solitude.

In a weekend of Open Floor Movement Practice we take to the dance floor to be with ourselves and each other in relationship. We turn the light of curiosity on our own movements and what they have to say:

  • How at home are you in your own company?  
  • Is your first motion forward or back in relation to another? 
  • Can you sense the smallest change in gesture as your heart opens or closes to someone? 
  • Where are we likely to find you in a group – in the middle, on the edge, or out the door?

Dancing, witnessing, playing, trying something new, inquiring – all in service to more fluidity and freedom in all our relations.

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