Open Floor Encounter: Embodied Ego Part I & II

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"We are different but never separate." - Rajanaka Tantra - Douglass Brooks

In this workshop we take a good embodied look at what we are up against in terms of our Souls unfolding and the role of our Ego. Often these directives are not in harmony; our inner development taking a backseat to the survival habits our personality has learned. When we invite the well-worn moves of our small self to dance, the natural generosity and compassion of our Highest Self helps us find balance and realign us with what is true, what is needed and what is not.

The Encounter format is broadly used to investigate this terrain. The nature of its structure is a profound support in seeing beyond the surface. As Encounter is a powerful group process format it lends us an accurate and clear reflection of how we use and misuse each other and offers us new possibilities to honor our deep interconnectedness. Movement practice provides us with a constant reality check, with blinding grace returning us, again and again to the truth of Oneness.

Part I and II can be taken separately or together.