Energy Anatomy

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Energy Anatomy: A Committed Practice Group
with Kathy Altman and sacred chef Catherine McConkie

Some things can only be seen over an extended period of time with the regular support of others who commit to a shared practice. For one year we will practice awareness, tolerance and ultimately love both on and off the dance floor. We will meet three times to progressively build our ability to see and be seen, and to strengthen and balance the wobbly places inside us.

Finding Our Feet: In Module One we nourish the parts of us that are earthy, grounded and solid.

Emotional Intelligence: In Module Two we focus in the heart of our matter, what truly moves us - in and out of – intimacy.

Coming To Our Senses: In Module Three we nurture our heavenly gifts - the courage to speak the truth, the wisdom to hold our tongue, the ability to look through eyes that see beyond our limited world view, and finally to experience our bodies as they dance beyond the skin and bones of this human existence.

We will pay attention to what we eat, how we ingest, digest, and what we truly nourish in this process. We will learn methods of cleansing ourselves both in and out of the shower. We will bring our awareness to what we want to give up and what we want to cultivate.

Shared meals during our times together, suggested menus for our time apart and visual art work will be integral to this year long study group.