Ferocious Heart

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This workshop is a celebration and honoring of our passion for life and the embodiment of our strong hearts. So often we live in a shy diminished state regarding what we feel strongly about, either positively or negatively. The doorway to full ownership of our hearts passion is through the embrace of anger, our emotional fire.

Anger defines our boundaries, motivates us, and spurs us into action. It lets us know when we have been hurt, when we are in danger, and when we are out of integrity. It is the physical and emotional energy that protects what we hold dear — and without it, we are lost. Yet, we are rarely encouraged to feel or express our anger in a clear and powerful way. As a result, we struggle to be clear in confrontation: we sit on our feelings, and we ask that others do the same. But when we extinguish our fire out of fear of its destructive potential, we cut ourselves off from the heat of our own passion and our own integrity.

Open Floor Movement Practice is an effective way to explore feelings as physical energy that moves in and through our bodies. When we reclaim the essential power and potency of our emotions, we experience ourselves as more passionate and alive, moving through life with the knowledge that we are capable of backing ourselves up with our whole heart.