Moving with Dreams

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I believe that in a dream, we have a clear existential message of what's missing in our lives, what we avoid doing and living.  - Fritz Perls

A dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep - Cinderella

Dreams form a wild, creative landscape within our minds each night. Sometimes a piece of one haunts us throughout the day or maybe the last moment of a dream wakes us up with a start. Then there are the dreams we will always remember and the dreams we forget altogether. Through experience we have found that the process of telling, exploring and embodying dream images, can open the door to an inner world, bringing us understanding and wisdom otherwise lost.

Dreams offer us ways to integrate disowned parts of ourselves, complete unfinished situations; explore the unknown; and to consider choices we may not realize in our daytime consciousness. Dreams thrive on our attention; allowing our dream images to dance us can bring the hidden, the unexpected and the necessary next steps into view.

The Gestalt approach encourages us to explore every image and situation in a dream as a projected part of ourselves. Open Floor Movement Practice supports us to expand our “entering of the dream” through shape, rhythm and movement. Open Floor Encounter sets a structure for us to witness, support and collectively benefit from each dream brought into the group.

If it is not already your practice, we suggest keeping a dream journal prior to the workshop. Do not discount the very brief or vague dream fragments, especially if your dream recall is limited. Write down anything you might remember, including your sensory awareness upon waking. This process is primarily to stimulate your dream recall. Participation in the workshop does not rely on having abundant memory of dreams but does require interest in entering imagery as a door to self-exploration.