Open Dialogue

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When we move our body, our mind has a dance all its own. Like a radio station, we might listen to the part of our self that wants to please, or the one judging our every move, or maybe the entertainer or the invisible one in the corner of the room.

Our psyches have many voices, neither good nor bad in and of themselves. The dilemma arises when we can’t choose what channel our “radio head” is listening to.

In this workshop we’ll notice our habitual “go to” responses on and off the dance floor. We’ll learn to find the inner selves that play different tunes, and build our capacity to orchestrate them more consciously in any given moment. We’ll use our dreams to hear what the brilliant subconscious has to say. We’ll look at close relationships and learn how to gracefully shift out of old voices that hold difficulties in place.

Open Dialogue is a synthesis of our study with Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, founders of Voice Dialogue, and Open Floor Movement, our dance floor curriculum over 30 years in the making.