Relationship Series Between Us: Trust Risk Grace

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A three part series on the embodied capacities needed for successful and satisfying relationships.

A circle of beloved friends and family are our greatest blessings and maybe one of the best bench marks we have for a life well lived. Relationships of all kinds hold our hearts’ passion and vulnerability. It is in our closeness with others that we get hurt, feel frightened, and sort thru the multitude of past stories we carry. And thankfully at times, are motivated to act from the depths of our generous hearts.

The kicker is you often don’t know and cannot control what will be on the front burner of any given relationship at any time. How do you find center? How do you know what is right for you? How do you take a chance again when your heart has been broken?

Relationships are only ever learned about, ruined and hopefully, in time, healed in relationship. We cannot isolate and expect to make any progress in this department, no matter how many self-help books we read. We need to be in contact with others who are present and willing to tolerate the messiness of learning and relearning what it is our heart’s and soul’s need, and how to manifest that.

Trust, Risk, and Grace are each essential universal psycho-spiritual capacities needed for mature loving relationships. These virtues are expressed in an intimate dance within us and between us. Open Floor Encounter and Movement Practice is a perfect medium for relationship work because much of how we relate is nonverbal, preconscious, spontaneous and specific to who, what, when and where.

To know Trust, to encourage Risk, and to open to Grace is a complex art. In this series you will find many ways to strengthen your abilities and faith in each.